Where To Buy Kelp

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Where To Buy Kelp

Want to know where to buy kelp? These large sea vegetables or seaweeds as they are commonly called, consist of about 300 species so the first thing to make sure of is to know which species you really want. Kelp is actually large seaweed and the branch of science which studies this seaweed is called Kelp Fisheries.

Think of kelp as a large plant that grows in forests, only that these forests are located in the oceans. This algae also grows in the coastlines so it is easy to find kelp wherever coastal communities abound. If you have seen a picture of kelp then you would know that it is indeed one large seaweed.

Kelp gets its nourishment from the sea so expect it to contain all the minerals you find in sea water like essential trace minerals and natural vitamins to include calcium, sodium, iron, phosphorus and iodine. It also contains amino acids, and vitamins B1, B2, A, C, D and E, which explains why kelp is an in-demand supplement.

This seaweed is also a common ingredient in various beauty products like shampoo, soap and other products for bath and spa. You can even find a facial or body mask with kelp as an essential ingredient. Kelp is not only skin deep but it is also used for healing as it contains wakame, one of the more popular kelps, contains Lignans which have cancer-fighting properties. Where to buy kelp is a fairly easy task if you know its many uses. Kelp contains a lot of sodium making it an ideal salt substitute so you can always look for kelp in grocery stores or even in the market. This sea vegetable can be found all over the world but it is greatly popular in the japanese culture. Those who are looking for natural weight loss remedies can also turn to supplements that contain laminaria, bladderwrack and rockweed. Like most seaweeds, kelp is also useful for non-edible purposes. For one, kelp is an ingredient in Nature's magic which is used as a soil activator. Along with humic acid, kelp helps provide biostimulants and nutrients to the soil. They also make possible good soil structure by generating microbes that improve the soil. Seaweeds are known for their high iodine content and kelp is not an exception. If you have an under-active thyroid then you may need to add kelp to your diet. It is important to consult with your doctor before you take in any medication or supplement. The same is true before taking in kelp in any form. Kelp as a supplement is available in various forms such as liquid, capsule, powder and table but no matter which form you opt for, make sure that it is unadulterated and has not reached its expiration date. While kelp can help those with thyroid problems, too much kelp consumption can lead to the development of thyroid problems for those who are not yet suffering from the condition. Getting your doctor's opinion on the use of kelp is thus as important as knowing where to buy kelp.

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